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Upcoming Shows

November 8 – 10, 2024 
Hilton Rockville, Rockville Maryland
1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852, United States

Capital Audiofest 2023

  • The Absolute Sound Alan Taffel’s Best of Show

  • Part-Time Audiophile CAF Day Two with Graig Neville

  • Stereophile Ken Micallef visits Acora Room

  • Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity Review (Facebook)

  • Tracking Angle Acora Acoustics Remarkable VRC Reference Loudspeakers at Capital Audio Festival

Toronto Audiofest 2023

  • Enjoy the Music Best Of Toronto Audiofest 2023 Awards Show Report

  • Enjoy the Music Rick Becker's Toronto Audiofest 2023 Show Report

  • PMA Magazine Robert Schryer visits Acora Room

  • TED Publications Toronto Audiofest 2023 Report - Part 2


  • The Absolute Sound Robert Harley’s Best of Show

  • The Absolute Sound Alan Taffel’s Best of Show

  • The Absolute Sound Andre Jennings visits Acora Room

  • Part-Time Audiophile - The Occasional Podcast Axpona 2023 - HiFi Highlights and Best Of Show Podcast

  • Part-Time Audiophile Marc Phillips' Top Rooms at AXPONA

  • HiFi Pig Stuart and Linette Smith visit Acora Rooms

  • Audio-Head ampandsound and Acora Acoustics - Best of Show

Montreal Audiofest 2023

  • PMA Magazine THE interview, Pt1

  • Stereophile's Robert Schryer Visits Acora Room

  • Audiokey Reviews Best of Montreal

  • Tracking Angle Dave McNair’s Favorite Room of Montreal 2023

  • Enjoy the Music Rick Becker Visits Acora Room

Florida Audio Expo (FLAX) 2023

  • Part-Time Audiophile's Scot Hull Visits Acora Room

  • Part-Time Audiophile's Scot Hull's Best In Show

  • Part-Time Audiophile's Best of FLAX: Marc’s Picks

  • Part-Time Audiophile's Vanquished all comers

  • Jay's Audio Lab The Best Cost-No-Object Loudspeaker

  • Jay's Audio Lab Live Narration While I Listen To These Speakers!

  • Stereophile's  Rogier van Bakel Visits Acora Room

  • Indulgr Eric Franklin Shook Visits Acora Room 

  • Indulgr Eric Franklin Shook Best of Show - FLAX 2023

  • Positive Feedback Tom Gibbs - FLAX 23 Show Report Part 1

  • Tracking Angle Ken Redmond's Florida Audio Expo 2023 Highlights

  • Tracking Angle Dave McNair's Unequivocal Best In Show

  • The Occasional Podcast Florida Audio Expo 2023 - HiFi Highlights and Best Of Show Podcast

  • HiFi Plus Wrap up & Best Sound

  • The Absolute Sound Alan Taffel : Most Significant new product & Andrew Quint's Top 5, Best new Product, As Good as anything I’ve ever heard

  • The Absolute Sound Acora Acoustic's NEW Flagship VRC-1 Loudspeaker 

  • Audio-Head QRB one of my favorite stops along the way, all weekend 

  • Audio-Head Marc Phillips’s Top 5 Rooms From FLAX 2023

  • Enjoy the Music Best Of Show

  • Enjoy the Music FLAX 2023: My first show in decades 

  • Audiophile Junkie Best of Show

  • SoundStage Global Extreme High End

  • PMA Magazine Florida International Audio Expo, 2023, Pt 1

Capital Audiofest 2022

  • Part-Time Audiophile's Dave McNair’s "Best of CAF 2022"

  • Enjoy the Music Rick Becker's Visits Acora Room 

  • Enjoy the Music  Rick Becker's "Best Rooms @ CAF 2022"

  • Stereophile's  Ken Micallef's - Visits Acora Room

Toronto Audiofest 2022

  • Part-Time Audiophile's Dave McNair’s " Toronto Audiofest Wrap-up "

  • Stereophile's Robert Schryer visits the Acora room 

  • Enjoy the Music Rick Becker - Show Report

  • Enjoy the Music Rick Becker - Best of Toronto Audiofest 2022 

Pacific Audiofest 2022

  • Equipment list for Pacific Audiofest 2022

  • Part-Time Audiophile's Marc Phillips on the Acora room "precise imaging
    and deep bass"

  • Audiophile Junkie Video tour of the Acora room, listens to the SRC-2 system

  • Positive Feedback's Carol Clark reports "This room was stunning" in her PAF
    report, part 1

  • Audiophile Junkie Records one of the LIVE performances of Anne Bisson with the Acora system

T.H.E Show 2022

  • Equipment list for T.H.E. Show 2022

  • Part-Time Audiophile's Grover Neville reports on "the most consistently good sounding room"

  • Audiophile Junkie Video tour of the Acora room, listens to the SRC-2 system

  • Audiophile Junkie Listens to, comments on the SRB system

  • The Audio Beatnik's Jack Roberts names the Acora room one of his favorites at T.H.E. Show

  • Stereophile's Jason Victor Serinus visits the Acora room

Audio Excellence Canada hosts "Meet the Manufacturer"

  • Acora Acoustics Day - Meet and listen with Valerio Cora

Overture Dealer Event

  • Acora Acoustics and Audio Research in Wilmington DE

  • DC HiFi Group Paul's coverage of the event


  • Equipment list for AXPONA 2022

  • AV Showrooms Partner Introductions, Equipment walkthrough and listening

  • Stereophile Ken Micallef reports on the Acora Acoustics room

  • Positive Feedback's Juan C Ayllon, Show report "To my ears - best in the show" 

  • Audiophile Junkie Lists Acora Acoustics as one of his favorite rooms

  • The Sound Advocate Full Show Report "One of my favorite systems" 

  • Enjoy the Music's Rick Becker reports on the 2nd floor at AXPONA '22 "Best of Axpona 2022"

  • Part-Time Audiophile's Scot Hull drools over the Acora Acoustics room 

  • Part-Time Audiophile's Marc Phillips lists his favorite rooms

  • Jay's Audio Lab Jay's video coverage 

  • The Sound Advocate Acora Acoustics included in day 2 Summary

  • Audiophile Junkie Video walkthrough of the system

Montreal Audiofest 2022

  • Equipment list for Montreal Audiofest 2022

  • Enjoy the Music Rick Becker reports on the Acora room
    (Best of Montreal 2022 Award)

  • Stereophile Robert Schryer reports on the Acora room

Florida Audio Expo (FLAX) 2022

  • Equipment list for FLAX 2022

  • The Absolute Sound Alan Taffel's show wrap up ("Best Sound of the Show")

  • The Absolute Sound Andrew Quint's show wrap
    (Best Sound" - "Best Experience") 

  • AV Showrooms  System Walkthrough / Listening

  • AVShowrooms  "Reviewer's View" (Peter's "Take Home" Choice) 

  • Part-Time Audiophile Dave McNair's show wrap up

  • SoundStage Global Jason Davis - "What's Fresh"

  • Jay's Audio Lab  Video Show Reports "Take 1"                           "Take 2"
    "Take 3" 

  • Jay's Audio Lab Show Wrap up - Top rooms (spoiler alert - Acora made the top 3)

Capital Audiofest 2021

  • Equipment list for CAF 2021

  • AV Showrooms Video Show Report (Complete with Anne Bisson performance)

  • Part-Time Audiophile Eric Franklin Shook Wrap Up ("Best of Show Sound")

  • Part-Time Audiophile Dave McNair Show Report

  • Stereophile Ken Micallef Show Report with SRC-2s

  • The Absolute Sound Alan Taffel's Show Report (Acora = "Best Demo")

  • HiFi Media Video Show Report with SRC-2s 

  • Jay's Audio Lab Video Show Report View Here

Toronto Audiofest 2021

  • Equipment list for Toronto Audiofest 2021

  • Stereophile Robet Schryer Show Report with SRC-2s

  • Audio Systems Specialist Show Video with the new SRBs/ SRS-Gs

Florida Audio Expo (FLAX) 2020

  • The Absolute Sound Alan Taffel / Andrew Quint Show Report (SRC-1 = best of show / SRB = favorite rooms)

  • Part-Time Audiophile Eric Franklin Shook (best new loudspeaker / SRB & SRC-1)

  • AVShowrooms With Valerio and the SRC-1

  • AVShowrooms A tour of the SRB room

  • AVShowrooms Show Highlights with Peter & Terry 

  • Audio-Head Dave McNair - Best of Show SRC-1

  • Audio-Head Eric Franklin Shook - Both Acora rooms

  • Part-Time Audiophile Eric Franklin Shook - Friday Night Highlights

  • Enjoy The Music Steven R Rochlin - Both Acora rooms

  • Part-Time Audiophile Marc Phillips - "Friday Highlights"

  • Stereophile Jim Austin - Show Report on SRB room

  • The Audio Beatnik Show Report - SRB room

  • posi+ive-feedback Tom Gibbs - Show Report

Capital Audiofest 2019

  • AV Showrooms Awards - Show Recap

  • AV Showrooms Peter has Valerio demo the SRC-1s

  • Part-Time Audiophile Marc Phillips - "Best Sounding Rooms"

  • Audio-Head Eric Franklin Shook - Room Report

  • AudioNirvana Forum Miles b. Astor - Show Report Forum

Toronto Audio Show 2019

  • Stereophile Robert Schryer - Show Report 

  • Enjoy The Music Rick Becker - Show Report 

  • Novo Press Suave Kajko - Show Report 

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) 2019

  • Part-Time Audiophile Eric Franklin Shook - "Must See Rooms"

  • The Absolute Sound Neil Gader - Loudspeakers Report

  • The Absolute Sound  Robert Harley - "Great Sound" portion of his show report

  • HiFi Pig Stuart - Show Report

  • Enjoy The Music Rick Becker - Show Report 

  • Enjoy The Music Ron Nagle - "PhotoFest"

  • posi+ive-feedback Carol Clark - Photo Essay 

  • AVShowrooms Show Wrap Up Video 

  • AVShowrooms Peter discusses Acora with Valerio

  • Part-Time Audiophile Eric Franklin Shook - Best of Show 

T.H.E Show 2019

  • Part-Time Audiophile Marc Phillips - Room Report

  • Part-Time Audiophile Eric Franklin Shook - "Must See Rooms"

Axpona 2019

Toronto Audio Show 2018

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