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Your Custom Audio Oasis


     Since one size does not fit all, our speakers are designed for the best performance based on the room size they are intended for. The SRB speaker has been optimized for rooms as small as 60 sq./ft to 180 sq./ft. For optimal performance, the SRS stands (sold separately) provide a stable platform.  The SRC-1 floor standing speaker are designed for rooms from 120 sq./ft to 500 sq./ft, and the SRC-2 speaker system are designed for rooms of 250 sq/ft up to 2000 sq./ft.  


     All ACORA speakers are designed, engineered and manufactured without compromise.  The room sizes listed are intended as a guide and not an absolute. This is why we believe in a complete package where local dealers are an essential part of the process as they are the bridge to a successful setup. Of course, we are always here to assist.


     As each room is different depending on shape, dampening, listening position, ceiling height, altitude, and other variables, we’ve made sure to develop a line of equipment that can outfit any space, and we’ll work with you step-by-step throughout the process. With ACORA, you have the freedom to customize your audio oasis and listening experience.

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