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Hewn from the Earth, Acora evolves... 


Acora Acoustics is proud to unveil Val Cora’s latest vision for stone-based loudspeaker design, the Quartz Line. The Quartz Line emerged from years of creative innovation with Acora Acoustics’ signature granite enclosures. It offers leading-edge sound and design potential while retaining the values of emotional palpability, sensitivity, and enduring aesthetic.


Quartz is an ethereal beauty, with a timeless and long-lasting nature. Comprised of many of the same elements as granite, quartz also provides many benefits for sonic reproduction. These properties coalesce seamlessly with Val Cora’s vision of creating music-producing sculptures designed to last a lifetime. With this new Quartz Line, interior designers and the aesthetically-minded will have a versatile range of options to complement décor as well as provide potential for customization for discerning clients in the future.  


Acora, always evolving, constantly innovating.


2 Way Bass Reflex

2 x 7” Sandwich Paper Cone

1” Beryllium Dome Tweeter


4 ohm


10w - 250w


92.5 1w/1m


29Hz - 30 kHz


High Polish Quartz 3cm


14” x 18” x 43”


161lbs each

Standard Colours

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