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When you first listen to the Acora Acoustics QRB loudspeaker, we humbly suggest you keep your eyes closed. The QRB delivers such a wide tall, and engaging soundstage, you may not believe the sound is coming from the diminutive QRB. You will hear nuance and depth to the music. We believe you will hear many things you simply hadn’t before. What you won’t hear is the enclosure. Acora Acoustics loudspeakers are constructed using hand crafted, specially treated quartz enclosures. The rigidity of quartz far exceeds that of traditional particle board or wood enclosures. One of the benefits of this is as the QRB’s drivers move to push air / create sound, the enclosure isn’t absorbing this energy and dulling or smearing the sound. Another benefit of the Acora enclosure is it does not need internal bracing to “stiffen” the enclosure. This means no additional reflections inside the enclosure that will vibrate the low frequency driver and smear the sound. The QRB also utilizes world class drivers and a hand built crossover network however the real secret to the Acora Sound, is that you only hear these, not the enclosure

The foundation of Acora Acoustics’ Signature line is the svelte QRB which features all of Acora’s key values. This room friendly reference loudspeaker is crafted from 2cm solid slabs of Quartz and features a beryllium tweeter that sings unimpeded thanks to a crossover design featuring exotic parts hand-selected for the task of making music feel more real and more present. The midbass driver, a proprietary design, allows for substantial and thrilling output even in midsize to larger spaces allowing music to integrate with your lifestyle without sacrificing performance, but the sum is greater than the whole. It makes music, first.  QRB, it’s Signature for a reason.


2 Way Bass Reflex


5.5” Sandwich Paper Cone


1"  Beryllium Dome Tweeter


8 ohm 


10w - 150w


86.5 1w/1m


43Hz - 35KHz


High Polish

Quartz 2cm


9” x 11” x 13”


39lbs each

Standard Colours

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