Reviews for Acora Acoustics

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Reviews of Acora Acoustics

Indulgr's' Grover Neville reviews the QRC-1   Read Here
"Are they the best? Well, they’re the best I’ve heard..."

TONEAudio's' Jeff Dorgay reviews the SRC-1   Read Here
"The SRC-1 is the most neutral speaker I've had the pleasure of listening to." "an Exceptional Value".

part-time audiophile's Grover Neville reviews the SRB / SRS-G   Read Here
"These speakers have returned me to believing that there is an endgame for an audiophile, and not merely flavors."

AVShowrooms' 2020 Product of the Year to the SRC-2   View Here
"Amazing soundstaging, staggering detail, perfect tonality and the blackest of backgrounds!"

the absolute sound's Golden Ear 2020 awarded to the SRC-1   Read Here
"The Acora SRC-1 is a new product from a new company but it’s an instant classic"

part-time audiophile's Dave McNair reviews the SRC-2 (Summit Award & Editor's Choice)  Read Here
"Each record, or file, or CD I played sounded unique to a degree that was almost shocking."

TONEAudio's Jeff Dorgay reviews the SRB / SRS-G   Read Here
"The SRBs do a clearer job with portraying accurate instrument size relationships than any small speaker we’ve yet experienced."

September 2020 issue of the absolute sound - Andrew Quint reviews the SRC-1   Read Here
"Whatever I was listening to, the SRC-1s seemed intent on communicating the musical essence of the selection."

AVShowrooms' Kemper Holt reviews the SRC-2   View Here
"Truth and Accuracy - these are the words that describe the SRC-2s and propels them into the Summit class"

part-time audiophile's Marc Phillips reviews the SRB/SRS-G (Reviewer's Choice)   Read Here
"Yup, I’m hearing scads of previously unheard details and nuances"

part-time audiophile's Marc Phillips reviews the SRS-G Speaker Stand (Reviewer's Choice)   Read Here
"Highly recommended for bookshelf monitor lovers all over. There are more of us than you think."

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