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Acora Acoustic’s newest family member, the BedRock bass module, is the perfect addition to a pair of Acora’s award-winning speakers. Designed to extend the performance of our stand mounted speakers, the SRB’s/QRB’s, to the lowest reaches of the pipe organ and to enhance the sense of effortlessness and depth of our popular SRC-1’s & 2’s, the BedRock bass module is here to play! A pair of BedRock’s not only replaces the stands for our SRB/QRB to create a beautiful physical sculpture, BedRock also integrates with them to make SRB/BedRock a true full-range, high-resolution, three-way loudspeaker system capable of playing in a variety of room types. And of course, true to Acora’s aesthetic philosophy, BedRock comes in a number of finishes including black granite, lilac marble, and even amethyst allowing you to bring music back into your living space.


1 Way Sub


12” Sandwich Paper Cone

4 ohm 



90 1w/1m


18-100 kHz

High Polish

Granite 2cm

14” x 16” x 29”

*105lbs each 

*Weight changes depending on material used

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